Saturday, 21 February 2015

Mega Armour Big Mek.

Had a for fun game at Eastbourne Elemental the other night and it was my first go at the current rules edition.
I took on a Alliance of Astra Militarum and Grey Knights and it was just an all out brawl, no mission.

Da Kommanda
Whilst I'm not about to embark on a battle report I will say my 5 Mega Nobs and Mega Armour Warboss with KFF mek were great fun. With the assistance of 19 shoota boys and their nob managed to intercept and kill Draco, about 5 Terminator Knights and a Terminator Librarian over the the game and move on to krumping a unit of 6 power armoured Knights and 3 heavy Armoured Ogryns after that.

As it wasn't a serious game I'm not going to read to much into it except Mega = Fun, it also means much less painting. He he.

Mega Fun.

With the Bound/Unbound thing in 40k now and a reasonable pile of metal Mega Nobs and a second metal Ghaz on the shelf of much to do, it seems a good time to be a silly Kommanda and get some done.

First up is Ghazgull Thraka, I've already chopped one of these old metal minis about for a Warboss so it is familiar territory. The fact I have a Warboss done rather suggests a Big Mek should be next. ( That and the bellowing voice in my head I can only assume is Mork.)

Bitz for Big Mek

As I was running a Kustom Force Field Mek in the game the other night I'll be slapping a KFF on the back of him.

KFF inspirashun.
Trying to avoid the 'just another Ghaz' look, the first job is detail removal and as much reposing as the mini allows, lots of metal whittling ( those pesky connection cables at the waist and arms take some real work to remove) and detail removal ensues creating a mess that must be cleaned before the beloved returns from work and this is the result (apart from the mess).

Big Mek Body prepped.
Now to loose the Twin Shoota and add a Kustom Mega Blasta for that arm, remodel the 'cutty' claw arm to a more Mek useful 'clampy' version and re-detail the chest plate. (Right knee has already had a Forgeworld brass glyph added.) I foresee a razor saw and yet more mess.

From small spores great fungus grows....slowly.