Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Warriors of Nurgle Command Modelling


Time to start on the command group and characters for the regiment, partially because I need time to think up some more shield fronts.

First up and nearly finished is the units Champion, had this chap in my 40K bits box so no cost on him, just a head swap, Orc cleaver and spare shield, the front detail is stolen from the top of a 40k Nurgle icon. Just need to tidy up the horn mounting and add a Nurgle symbol under the Skelly.



Next is the Musician. I always thought the horn that comes in the box was a bit meh, so this was going to have to change. Plan here is to make a nasty worm type critter. So far just the basic form in Milliput over a wire frame.Teeth and mouth next.


Lastly on the modelling front is a Sorcerer, this chap will be a low level scroll caddy.
Fresh from Fleabay he came with the original head but no staff arm and the sword cut out of his other hand.
By pure chance I did a conversion for a friend when this chap was a new release over a decade ago and had the Staff arm in my bits box. thus proving I have been playing with little plastic and pewter men for too long and hoard too much stuff. Plan is a funky kneadatite (GS) head build, a Nurgle staff top and a scroll in the left hand.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New WHFB beginnings with Papa Nurgle.

Time for a new project and to try out Blogging.

A Nurgle Warriors of Chaos is the new Project, the plan being to convert up as much as possible to bring out the Nurgle.

A good place to start is a Warriors box, lots to convert and practice GS skills on for bigger things later on.
Bit of a chop shop special on the paired helmet horns for a more Plaguebearer style single horn and removal of Shield detail.
 Now to start replacing all the shield detail. All sorts of ideas some stolen from the Forgeworld Death Guard shoulderpads.
Papa's Kiss
Tongue Twister
Looking forward to painting these.
Eyes and Stys

Censer boils.

  As you can see I'm having a bit of trouble getting photos positioned where I want them, they just are not appearing on the final blog as they are on the editor. Hopefully I'll get that sorted next time when I find the right hammer for the job. :)