My favourite useful places.

I remember when Heresy was a young fresh faced, revolting blue and orange forum. Some crazy man made me an Senior Moderator and the years flew by. Had great fun over the years working with the other staff and all the members. Eventually I was even trusted with Admin status, with the risk of being able to completely break the sites code.Luckily Jezlad only had to run around once or twice to fix things I had broken.
In the end one of my long breaks from everything hobby saw me step down from the staff roster, but I'm still there lurking about.....

I joined COTEC a pretty long time ago with a failed Tzeench Warriors of Chaos army Plog, half a unit of Marauders through the project folded and I wandered away.
So years later it was the first place I went when Papa Nurgle commanded me to get a Nurgle WoC army together. Helpful folk and some quality Plogs.

Being distracted by other shiny stuff is the bane of my hobby, The Papa Nurgle Forum offers a pure pus filled environment to inspire and drive on my WoC project with very few things to derail my focus.
High Quality project logs and plenty to gaze in awe at for Worshipers of The Great Unclean One.