Who on Terra is this Viscount Vash bloke and why is he Blogging anyway?

The Past.

 Many Moons ago a friend of my Step Father bought round some AD&D books, dungeon 'tiles' and Miniatures from various firms as an effort to help us all entertain ourselves with little or no money being spent for at least one night a week ( Not really a problem for me, I was 13 and had none anyway).

I spent far too long choosing a mini to use as my character because he had a good couple of hundred assorted minis and I kept getting distracted but eventually we played and I enjoyed it very much.

About 48 calender pages were flipped and I found myself a father, still broke and sick of staring blankly at every UK Soap opera night after night, books were my saviour until a funny little comic store opened on my cycle home selling all the normal bits and bobs on the side which included various gaming miniatures, on an impulse I bought a wizard pilfered some old sample pots of screen print inks from work to paint him with and that was that.

The evenings flew by, I bought random assorted minis from anywhere for anything and painted them just for something to do( I did start buying proper paint mind).

Divorce, unemployment and a proper Gaming shop opening conspired to give my lots of time to lurk in the FLGS and meet gamers, a helpful chap came round my flat and looked at my random collection of figs and suggested that with a stretch of imagination and opponent tolerance, I actually had Chaos Warhammer 40K army and should have a game and see if I liked it.

I liked it.

A lot.

Every mini I had that couldn't be proxies for a GW Chaos mini was duly sold and I started upgrading to the real thing, the shop being an Indy bought in second hand stuff which helped loads. I was hooked, GW owned a large part of my soul and I owned a rather large pile of their figures.

I've had breaks but have been painting and tinkering with minis for nigh on 30 years now, but firmly fall into the modelling rather painting side of things, gaming has fallen by the wayside for now.

I spent a few years as a Senior Moderator and later Admin on a primarily 40K Forum so the name Viscount Vash may be familiar to some of you, hopefully in a good way.

The Present.

Currently I am getting back into the hobby after a break ( damn you online gaming) and I'm building up a WHFB army to get gaming again. I am no longer a staff  member on the forum so Blogging seemed like a good idea.

The Future.

Hmm well lets be honest who knows? The plan is to go back to some abandoned projects and finish them off alongside the Nurgle Warriors of Chaos that I'm building and make this Blog worth reading and useful to others on occasion ,all the best bits from my Forum experience without all the distractions and cat herding side of it.

Well here's hoping anyway, lets see how it works out........