Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Minotaurs Chapter Ebay Frenzy.

I've got a bad habit of searching Ebay whenever I'm starting a project to see whats about.

This time I got lucky and a very nice chap happened to be selling a pile of marines painted up as Minotaurs.

While not up to the standard that I like to paint my own stuff at there were a few of major points about the foot troop auctions the bloke had up.

  • They were listed as Menitaurs. (Search bonus!)
  • The paint doesn't look too thick.
  • They had a lot of Anvil Industries Spartan and Roman crests on them.
  • They had a lot Scribor Spartan Shields on them. (More than I'll ever need.)
  • Cheap. ( Like me, well what did you expect from a guy who does Miser's Guides.)
  • I can use them for games as I slowly replace them with my own and restore them as I go along.
With all that in mind the mouse finger went into overdrive a few times and I bagged.

5 Lightning Claw Terminators.

1 Space Marine Captain
1 Librarian.
8 Vanguard marine.
Assault Marines squad . ( 9 I think, jump packs look suspect but I happen to have a few spares knocking about.)
3 Tactical Marine squads. ( 30 SMs)
 Marine Devastator squad. (Guessing 10 marines).

All for £67.50. Not bad considering the Helmet crests are £1 for four from Anvil Industries and Zeus only knows how much the Scribor shields cost. Say approximately £1.05 a Marine no matter what type and 40 pence of which is extra resin Greekness.

Even with the inevitable casualties the restoration process will incur, worth it. 

Also a box of new Devastators, 30 FW Minotaur Power Armour Shoulder pads, 10 FW Minotaur Terminator Shoulder Pads, 1x FW Minotaur Rhino doors, Badab War Imperial Armour 10, 150 lil magnets, matching drill bits bought in various Ebay auctions.

All this means I'm flat broke and hoping that myself or the missus beat a certain spaniel to the letter box every day for the next week or so.

Not only that, I bought a Tactical Blood Angels box to test the paint scheme on ( Also 10 FW Minotaur Shoulder pads) and found about 5 marines in a box of random. 10 Temistokles heads and 5 Temistokles shields from PuppetsWar because of the well sculpted Greek key pattern on some of the bits.

So more Power Armour than I probably need or will get round to painting with plenty of extra Greek detail to keep me busy for a while.

On a cheaper note I found a Predator and Whirlwind in another box of random  that I thought I had sold ages ago. ( I really have too much GW stuff in the house.)

Now to get some painted before that lot turns up..

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